Sunday, May 31, 2009


i took a nice photo today

Saturday, March 28, 2009

no title

oh, the hardship has come.
so, school is becoming more and more herrideous as the days go on.
the usual is happening. a really good friend left, the boy i like thinks im nuts. and it seems like the world is falling apart. not comfortable around people, because when i talk to them, me being in mid sentance, they decide to stroll away to talk to someone else. not comfortable around family. i just wish everything could work. missing people who actually make sense. wishing the cool kids could come back to school. im being driven insane. i don't want to say much more, because it wouldn't sound right on a blog.
but how did everything good, go so terribly wrong

Saturday, February 14, 2009

so valentines has come and gone. i think the experiences i had on valentines day would have to be the funniest expereinces ever. i will never forget it!
i went with a friend to the movies to see "he's just not that into you" which turned out to be the biggest love fest ever, in the cinema, because there were either couples together, and then groups of girls, all of whom didn't have a date for valentines day, so went to the movies to ball their eyes out at why they didn't.
so the first problem arised metres after leaving my house. because it was valentines day, everyone was doing things in couples, which lead to me and my friend looking like a couple (there is nothing wrong with same sex couples, we just aren't one). i live in a somewhat narrow minded town, so we were stared down, because everyone thought we were going to the movies together as a couple.
so, when we got into the cinema, sharing popcorn and drink, we became interested in the three girls infront of us, they were talking about a juicy breakup or something and we had the idea of leaning forward and looking at her messages while she was going through them, the lowlifes we are. so, little did we know, the girls heard us say that and turned around to look at us, leaned iver their seats. we immediatly looked up at the screen, seconds later, we cracked up laughing and didn't stop for about 10 minutes, with the girls in front of us continually looking and talking about us. the likr happened throughout the movie, towards the end i said someiht ng like "awww, he called her!" then one of the other girls turned arount and said "no shit?"
about 15 minutes later my friend and i decided to leave the cinema early, completely convinced that we were going to be bashed by the girls in front of us. to top it off, every couple in the cinema were continually making out, making the whole experience embarrassing!!
probably the funnest movie/valentines experience i've had.
peace out

Sunday, January 11, 2009

poetry for a dull day

Gotta find your inner strength
If you can't then just throw life away

Gotta learn to rely on you
Beauty, strength, and wisdom,too

You're beautiful inside and out,
Lead a great life without a doubt

Don't need a man to make things fair,
'cause more then likely he won't be there

Listen, gotta know it's true;
in the end all you've got is you

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

first entries are never impressing

instead of yabbering on, i will paste a story i wrote a couple of months ago. hope it tickles your fancy.
She sat across the room from her best friend. In her mind, it was herself who was enchanting all the boys with her looks and smile, but in reality, it was the girl across from her attracting all the attention. She moves her concentration to another, more important face, the face she had been admiring for a long while – his face. It was the face of pure perfection. He was the most dazzling person she had ever come across. She was dazed by every glance from him; although they were short, they meant the world to her. His perfect face would never engage with hers. Although she was at the top of the social hierarchy, she was deceitful to her true self. She was a faker. No one actually knew who she really was. She wanted to scrape the layers of paint off her identity to expose herself. She wanted him to know the real person she was, not the soap opera mistake she had made of her personality. She didn’t think it was possible.

In the hallway the two connect with a subtle glance and keep walking.

Again they sit at the table surrounded by their “closest” friends; she looks directly at him with honesty, he can see it in her eyes and he wants it too, but they both know it is impossible as her best friend is between them, the relationship barrier, and the one keeping them apart. This girl sits down on the lap of the beautiful boy; everyone who is watching can see that the touch of their lips is breaking her heart. He breaks away and stands up, walking out of the room. She turns her head to look at him, but he is already gone.

She sits with him by herself, away from the rest of the group, this alarms her perfect and best friend, for she can tell that there is something more than friendship lurking in their eyes. Her mouth stops moving, he smiles and walk over to her best friend. Everyone sees her immaculate face crumble, as she runs out of the room; friendship broken forever.

Hand in hand they walk into the same room they did every week day at one pm. Every head turns in their direction. They avoid eye contact with the staring crowd and sit under the oak tree.

He kisses her longingly and she whispers “I’ve been waiting forever for this”.